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Which blackout curtain fabric is the most environmentally friendly?

What kind of blackout curtain fabric is environmentally friendly? A type of curtain fabric known as "eco-friendly blackout fabric" has become a new favorite. In the past, consumers tended to
choose ordinary double-layer curtains, adding only an extra layer of blackout fabric in rooms with severe western exposure. This blackout fabric is very thin and coated on both sides with silver
color blackout material, looks like an umbrella of UV protection, cheap, depending on the quality and width, its biggest disadvantage is
point is not washable, generally one or two years, at most five or six years can no longer be used.
And now the new environmentally friendly blackout cloth, touch thicker, with two layers of environmentally friendly blackout material in the middle, can block more than 80% of the light.
Washing machine does not affect the blackout effect. Can replace the traditional double-layer curtains of environmentally friendly blackout cloth, the surface looks the same as the traditional.
Linen and cotton curtain fabric is not very different, and a variety of colors and patterns, there are monochrome with dark flowers of European-style patterns, light-colored background with large and small flower patterns of Korean patterns.
The size of the Korean pattern pattern.
Although the unit price of environmentally friendly blackout cloth than the traditional blackout cloth is quite expensive, but washable, easy to use, coupled with the appearance of beautiful, complex patterns
More, the same can be made into European vintage style, Korean rustic style, etc.

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