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What is a good material for shower curtain?

Simply put, a shower curtain is just a piece of waterproof cloth that is hung in the bathroom and used. What is a good material for shower curtain?
Shower curtains are generally made of materials such as plastic or nylon, and have a certain waterproof and windproof effect, so they are mainly used to prevent the splash of the shower outside the shower, as well as to play a certain role in insulation.
Curtain body materials in addition to the traditional plastic, cloth, the more common new materials today include PVC, environmentally friendly materials PEVA, wood curtains, bamboo curtains, nylon, spring yarn, satin fabric, satin striped silk, thickened Oxford spinning, etc., and different colors and designs according to the different styles of the bathroom.
PEVA and PVC are the best material for shower curtain at present.
1, PEVA is a polymer of PE and EVA, but also environmentally friendly materials, odorless smooth, feel good, more the amount of its EVA content and determine the feel and drape, the more EVA content, the more soft, drape better, the heavier; conversely, the harder, the lighter.
2, PVC transparency is good, strong and durable, drape good feel general, will change with the weather feel and change, square grams of the highest, itself will have a faint taste, in fact, take out and hang well, after a while the smell will gradually fade.

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