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Are there different levels of light blockage with blackout fabric?

There are different levels of light blockage with blackout fabric, and the degree of opacity can vary based on the specific type and quality of the blackout fabric. When shopping for blackout curtains or blinds, you may encounter terms like "light filtering," "room darkening," or "100% blackout," which indicate different levels of light blockage. Here are some common categories:
Light Filtering:
Light filtering blackout fabric allows a small amount of light to pass through. It provides privacy and reduces glare but doesn't create complete darkness. This level is suitable for areas where some natural light is desired.
Room Darkening:
Room darkening blackout fabric provides a higher level of light blockage compared to light filtering options. It significantly reduces incoming light, creating a dimmer environment, but may not achieve complete darkness.
99% Blackout:
Some blackout fabrics are marketed as 99% blackout, meaning they block out the majority of light but might still allow a minimal amount to pass through. This level is suitable for bedrooms, home theaters, and other spaces where a high level of darkness is preferred.
100% Blackout:
True 100% blackout fabric is designed to completely block out all incoming light, providing the highest level of darkness. This is ideal for applications where total light control is crucial, such as bedrooms or home theaters.
It's essential to check product specifications or labels when purchasing blackout fabric to understand the level of light blockage it offers. Additionally, factors like the quality of the fabric, the construction of the curtains or blinds, and proper installation can influence the effectiveness of light blockage. 

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